Join Our Team of Realtors

Interested in a career in real estate? or interested in moving from another company?

We are looking for goal-oriented individuals, that are self-motivating, persistent and that have a positive outlook, empathy, honesty, good working habits, good communication skills,

a keen desire to improve the best of him or herself, and good public relations.

Come and join us, we are a new company that understands the complexity of the real estate market from experience.

We provide:

  • a vision and mission objectives;
  • in house-training;
  • mentorship
  • personal recognition
  • great commission splits
  • One to one training on:
  • Lead generation
  • servicing the listing
  • marketing
  • branding
  • computer and online skills
  • transactional or relational business models
  • accounting skills for business goals
  • Top of the line CRM and website combo provided for your clients' database
  • Great Commission splits! 
  • Pictures provided for your listings
  • yard signs and lock boxes provided.
  • Goal Setting and business planning assistance
  • become accountable for setting business expectations and deadlines.

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