Sunday, January 14, 2018
Becoming a Real Estate Agent

I remember when I got my real estate license in 2004! 14 years ago I had just moved to El Paso and had sold my mom and pop video store that I had been running for 12 years. I tried opening up a natural herbs and vitamins store and just could not make it. I decided as I had just recently purchased my home that I could be a good venture if I only knew what is it that was needed to get into. So, I was wondering how to get in Real Estate. My personal affairs had turned to a wrong turn and then suddenly I was about to sell my recently purchased. home. Then I decided to make the move forward and I asked the Realtor helping how to get into real estate. 
he then pointed to me the direction of real estate school. I was about to turn 180 degrees to a new venture. I was excited, nervous and afraid. I did not have much money to keep going.  After a few years, in real estate, as the market turned down I reflected in all I have gone thru. My prior office had training but I thought it was not personal. It was like only sales and my personal matters did not matter. So, after many years doing real estate sales as a realtor; I decided to get my Broker's license and help all that wanted to go into real estate. 

See, I think that going into real estate is moving towards a change in profession, like getting a degree in marketing, sales, insurance and so on. 
Real Estate business has been very rewarding to me and I think I can help you decide if this move would be adequate for you. So here are some steps for you analyze if you want to get into selling homes. 

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in 5 Steps |®

How to become a real estate agent is something more than 14,000 people Google every month. Here's what you'll need to invest in terms of time and money.


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