Thursday, February 1, 2018
I am trying to get my real estate license what can I do in the meantime

You are probably thinking how long will it take to get your first paycheck once you get your real estate license. This is something I did not think about until I was in my third or fourth class and still did not do anything about it. I just kept studying and hoping that everything will be alright. Thankfully to God, it did but I thought I would look for information for newby Realtors. If you don't have a source of income it could get very tough.

 I remember asking one of my teachers at real estate school how much would I earn by selling a house. So he started explaining to me how the Realtor/Broker would get a commission and how the split will work. We will get into that in the near future. Also, I remember when I got to join the office I started working with I remember the office manager telling us that it could take up to 6 months to get my first paycheck. I went like what??? this is not possible. 

I decided and got the commitment that I would do it as fast as I could if not I would run out of savings. So, I hit the ground looking for Fizbos, I got my first listing within weeks of joining C21. I remember that the for sale by owner was very courteous and gave me the listing with no hesitation. It was like he was waiting to be approached.

Here are some tips in order for you to start getting prepared

  • Take your real estate courses and get prepared to pass your real estate exam
  • Look for a photographer and get yourself ready for photo shoots, you will need these for your business cards, Letter heads, and social media advertising.
  • Drive around the city, get acquainted with schools and neighborhoods, parks and recreational areas, business centers and the like. 
  • get your Google account and get familiar with google maps. 
  • Go to open houses get to know homes in different areas and take a chance to speak to the Realtors
  • Get books related to real estate marketing and successful Realtors business processes. 

If you need guidance and we know you do, come and visit us at our office we have a list from Regina Brown that will help you get ready and organized. 

also, I wanted to share an article where you can learn what to do while you get your real estate license and you can hit the ground running.