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Do You Need a Property Management Company for Your Investment Property?

Whether you’re purchasing your first investment property in El Paso or are simply adding to your portfolio, oftentimes it is hard to decide if and when you may need to hire a property management company. While a property manager may be responsible for a multitude of different things, a few of the most common responsibilities include screening potential tenants, completing any lease and or rental agreements, either completing or scheduling building maintenance, collecting rent when due, as well as handling all complaints and legal issues such as evictions which is a huge responsibility that leads that many to hire a reputable property management company.

Sit Back and Relax....

Buying an investment property can be complex. Whether you are an investor, an accidental landlord and or unintentional investors our company offers a sophisticated and versatile property management plan to help landlords achieve their personal and financial goals. Our three main goals are: achieve our clients' objectives, generate income for them, and help preserve or even help increase the value of their properties

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Trusting the Montoya Real Estate Group

 We understand the economic forces that work as an invisible hand that dictates our market. For example, changes in demographics shifts can easily turn with this ever-changing market. Nowadays, factors like high rents, shortages of starter homes builders build. high student loan debt, stagnant wages, and the tight credit standards that mortgage companies request is making it difficult for renters to buy a home. There are other social factors like forming a household at a slower pace or millennials embracing pet care rather than having children provide an opportunity for investors and landlords to provide housing for these demographics.

Our Property Management Goals

  • Maximize your income
  • Reduce your expense
  • Protect your property's wellbeing for future vaule

10 Signs You May Need Property Management Company

  • You’ve never managed a property before
  • Managing a property isn’t your full-time job
  • You have limited time to devote to managing your property efficiently
  • The distance between your rental property and your personal home isn’t convenient
  • You lack expertise in rental laws, fair housing, etc.
  • You aren’t sure how to accurately market your rental properties
  • With changing markets, you are unsure what to charge for accurate rental rates
  • You don’t have the time or recourses to find qualified tenants
  • You plan to expand your portfolio and need time to invest in further properties
  • Your network doesn’t include multiple vendor relationships

El Paso Property ManagerFinding the Perfect Fit

While the exact responsibilities of a property manager vary pending on each specific building, it is important that when choosing a property management company that you choose a company that specializes in your style of real estate, whether that be a multi-family home, HOA, single-family homes, and even commercial real estate, always be sure to complete your due diligence when hiring a company to represent and protect your assets. 

We provide our clients with a comprehensive market analysis to clarify our clients' concerns about rents and vacancies.

In leasing your properties, we will:

  • Provide a regional and neighborhood market analysis to set a rental market price
  • Review landlords' objectives
  • Market the property throughout all possible media outlets like Internet websites, print marketing, and signage
  • Upload the properties information into the MLS for Realtors to use for locating a rental home for their clients
  • Provide electronic lockboxes to register showings
  • Negotiate leases 
  • Screen all tenants for credit and rental history
  • Collect rents and deposits
  • Do periodic inspections of properties
  • Provide regular updates
  • Schedule maintenance and verify repairs
  • Send out a monthly statement for our landlords

Renters or tenants need good customer service and expect things to run smoothly a property manager that is easy to get a hold of. For tenants we provide:

  • Resident portals
  • Credit card acceptance for paying rent
  • Electronic payments or bank transfers
  • Document sharing
  • Communication with office and management team via email or text message
  • Maintenance requests through the website portal

These are some of the features that we provide and why we believe we are the best company to help you manage your property or properties. Give us a call for more information.

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